A bit of muscle stimulation for your Monday.


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a tried and true method of relieving those tight, tender, tense muscle groups. As it also provides an analgesic effect, EMS is a viable therapy for almost any bodily condition caused by the muscles. In English, the electrical stimulation aims to activate and tire overactive or under-active muscles. In doing this, we can effectively build up muscles or calm them down using this method. For many people, muscle tension is a serious contributor for many other issues. Muscle tension contributes to tension headaches, muscle spasms, cramping, lower back pain, poor posture, and many other related conditions. 

Now I know many of you are thinking that your portable TENS unit at home is capable of providing you with the necessary relief; however, different machines have much different strengths capable of handling more serious or delicate issues. That said, we have invested time and money into providing you with the best EMS machine on the market. This machine has over 200 different settings ranging from light pulsation of the muscle groups to improving lymphatic drainage throughout an area. 

Stress is a huge factor in the development of all kinds of ailments and serious illnesses. Stress can manifest in the body as tension. This tension, when gone untreated, has the potential to cause serious harm to the body overall, both mental and physical. Our goal is to make you aware. Knowledge is power and when you harness the power to care for yourself, you end up in control over how you feel day to day. That's a power not all of us are lucky enough to possess. 

We at Modern Chiropractic and Wellness Center care about you. Plain and simple. We function to help you however you may require it. We are a one-stop shop for your health needs in Centennial, CO. Now for just $10 more, you can experience the relaxing effect of electrical muscle stimulation in conjunction with your Chiropractic adjustment or acupuncture treatment.