Your job? Your kids? Your house? Your car? Your better half? Your...


...Health? Yea, how boring. But seriously, your health. One of the biggest things I have learned as of recent is how to prioritize healthy habits. Inevitably benefitting every facet of my life, these quick little health oriented tidbits aim to sharpen my focus, increase my energy throughout the day, boost my immune system, and keep my body moving. 

My initial thoughts on meeting with Leanne, from BrewYouWellness, were quite skeptical. I am a Doctor, so what could she possibly teach me? Oh, how the ego pulls the veil right over our eyes more often than not. From our first interaction, I was enthralled. Not only from a purely conversational standpoint, but more of looking at myself modestly and really assessing my day and how little things affect other things later on. The consultation made me excited about myself. Excited about taking care of me. That sounds weird, but when/if you have that feeling, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. 

The conversation boiled down to a few reoccurring themes:

  • If you care about changing something, you will make it a priority. 
  • If you don't get to something often or the timing seems to elude you, it's not a priority for you. 
  • By looking inward at your own health, you begin to reassess what things are/are not important to you. 
  • By reassessing what things are/are not important, you begin to realign your daily actions with your health goals. 
  • I can still drink beer, eat my favorite steak, take the last cookie, and even devour the occasional chicken and waffles for brunch.
  • Yea that last one.

I'm human. I don't want to engage in complete elimination diets or overly strict routines. I want to feel good and be healthy, that's it. Leanne provides the knowledge base to turn what you do every day into what you do every day for your health. She provides accountability for those daily actions, and most importantly, every action is devised and functions to make you feel better. I've never walked out of a chat or session with my chin down. That's the power within what she does. You make changes to better yourself ultimately and it always feels positive. Usually these things are associated with the negative; however, Leanne has this special gift in creating a nurturing environment of humility and encouragement. As the psychologist, Abraham Maslow once said, “self actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already in the organism, or more accurately, of what the organism is.”  Leanne simply helps you realize and unlock your true potential. By focusing on your priorities, your daily actions become more inline with unlocking that potential. Motivate yourself again, have a chat with Leanne...  As in prioritize it now, not later. 


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