It's not ALL about you, BUT...

...sometimes your health requires a tad bit of selfishness. 

Take a second and re-read that intro line. In this crazy world, too much of our time falls onto others and other things. We lose track of ourselves in the process. We misinterpret what it feels like to be healthy or to feel healthy. The chaos clouds our judgement when it comes to thinking clearly about us. Am I feeling good? Is my health where it should be for my age? Does my body let me experience the things I want to do and see?

Questions geared towards self-reflection in regards to your health are a start towards becoming more health conscious. Why is this important? Well... we tend to put things that are not immediate health threats on the back burner. Almost hoping they might iron themselves out over time. Sometimes we get lucky and time does the trick. In other scenarios and with what we see in office, people put things on the back burner and what were tiny aches and pains have developed into serious conditions. Completely avoidable previously, but now are going to take time and effort to take care of. This happens ALL the time. 

Alternative care is about prevention. Yes, we're pretty darn good at dealing with pain in the present and helping people feel better; however, we would like to prevent those painful cases altogether. By  becoming a bit more selfish when it comes to your health, you can prevent a fair amount on your own. Everything from high blood pressure to wrist pain can be helped by receiving timely routine care for yourself. We have worked really hard to become a one-stop shop for your health concerns over the past 6 months. We are masters at preventing conditions from getting worse and getting rid of those conditions which are already present. But caring for yourself does not begin and end with us, it starts at home, with you. What are you doing to ensure your own health right now? How about your health 10 years down the road? 


In our experience, when people are more selfish in dealing with their own health, they generally find themselves in better health overall. You never know how important something is until it's gone. So when it comes to your body and health, be selfish and understand that taking care of yourself isn't a bad thing. In the long run, it's ALL that matters.