Class IV Laser Therapy

Using high energy light therapy, our Class IV Laser system decreases pain, decreases inflammation, increases healing factors and increases blood flow to the area. This is cutting edge technology available for all of our patients. Through the process of photobiomodulation, the light energy is absorbed by your body's mitochondria and stimulates the production of ATP which is your body's main source of energy. As a by product, a nitrogenous compound is released causing blood to rush to the area reinvigorating the tissue. In addition, a superoxide compound is produced which acts like a super antioxidant. By releasing huge amounts of healing factors and causing blood to rush to the area of complaint, this new technology aims to provide relief when nothing else seems to work from a cellular level. There are almost no contraindications to class 4 laser therapy. We encourage all post-surgical candidates to inquire about class 4 therapy because of the immense benefits seen after such invasive procedures.