Sunshine, oh how we lack thereof..

Go outside you say? …I’d rather not. Usually we end up spending gorgeous days looking at them through a window of our cozy homes. While the nature show happening outside your window pane never has commercials, it’s incredibly important to venture out nowadays more than ever. In a recent review of the literature, over 35% of the adult population in the US is vitamin D deficient. Over 1 billion people worldwide are deficient and an even higher percentage of adults in the US are vitamin D insufficient. Studies suggest that 50-90% of vitamin D absorption comes from the sun. So are we going outside enough nowadays? The answer is unequivocally, no. Across the board, vitamin D numbers are suffering and people are enduring serious symptoms due to this issue. Studies show that even when adequate sun is maintained, vitamin D deficiency and/or insufficiency can still be experienced. Here are several signs and symptoms of low vitamin D levels:

  • Depression

  • Hair loss

  • Muscle aches and pains

  • Bone aches and pains

  • Fatigue

  • Increased risk of Cardiovascular disease

  • Increased risk of Diabetes

  • Impaired wound healing

  • Anxiety

  • Bloating

  • Gas

  • Digestive issues

As you may have thought, these issues affect millions of Americans on a daily basis. Sometimes these symptoms are attributed to much more serious conditions. Vitamin D plays a huge role in many factors regarding things we all deal with. On the bright side, it is SO easy to correct in most cases. An inexpensive vitamin D supplement is all you need! Studies suggest anywhere from 5,000-10,000 IUs of vitamin D per day can bring you out of a deficient state. A maintenance dose would hover around 2,000 IUs daily. Studies also confirm that unless you are taking >50,000 IUs daily, there is little chance for toxicity so this vitamin is very safe. To maximize vitamin D absorption, make sure you are getting a good night’s rest. In addition, taking the vitamin D supplement on an empty stomach in the morning may help as well. If you have a sensitive stomach, take it with a little food and that should help. As always, consult with your Doctor before supplementing. If you’re questioning your status, blood work will help illuminate potential issues as well as provide some clarity for you and your health. This is your daily reminder to go outside.

Dr. Joseph DiBella