Take Charge.

Today's society looks at health in a 'last resort' frame of mind. A person might invest in their own health, when their own health has become jeopardized, and only then. Preventative care? Never heard of it. With healthcare costs growing through the roof and health insurance premiums being raised annually, it can be very difficult to splurge on oneself health-wise. That said, when is it time to actually consider caring for oneself? When is my condition bad enough to warrant seeing a professional? We're here to tell you.

Common things like falls, slips, kinks, tweaks, lifting accidents, sleeping wrong, and living life can have a dramatic effect on how you feel day to day. These things can actually affect everything from how you feel to how you act. The point at which you should see a doctor varies from person to person, BUT here are some signs that you're ready for a visit:

  • If you're in pain
  • If your body doesn't feel 'right'
  • You can't focus on anything
  • Mental fog persists for days
  • If you experience headaches and/or migraines
  • If your emotions seem to be out of control
  • If sleep is an issue
  • If you feel overly stressed and/or anxious
  • If being sick is normal for you
  • If you can't move around like you used to
  • If prevention makes sense

These things are quite common in our society. Surprisingly, we can help with all of them. Visit us at mcwc.co for more information on how we can help you cross out some of those bullet points. 

Dr. Joseph DiBella