What is a Health Coach Anyway?

Here is a guest blog post from our newest partner at MCWC, Leanne Maciel. Leanne is owner of Brew You Wellness and is a Nutrition and Wellness Coach that specializes in providing unparalleled support when it comes to reaching your wellness goals. Dive in to learn more about what Leanne does and how she can help you!

What is a Health Coach Anyway?

People frequently ask me, so what exactly does a Health Coach do?  It varies from coach to coach but the short answer for me is that I help people connect their lifestyle to their wellness. 

Health, unfortunately, has a perception of deprivation. Things are put into good buckets and bad buckets.  

Salad, good.  Cake, bad.  


Let's not pretend enjoying cake, wine, ice cream or whatever your indulgence, isn't a part of life.   It's the mentality that we can't or we shouldn’t have those things that causes many of the issues around health.  The things we love can and should be integrated into a healthy lifestyle. 

Yet often, we let our mind get in the way of our body. Our body is smart.  It’s the most complex super computer that exists.  Our heart beats without us telling it to.  Our lungs expand and contract on their own.  When we touch a hot stove, the body instinctively pulls back.  We walk into a dark room, our pupils dilate.

The body is constantly giving us information.  Sometimes that shows up as allergies or joint pain, skin issues or cravings, indigestion or acid reflux.  These are all messages the body is sending to say something is out of balance.  Yet, we've been conditioned to quiet those symptoms, that information, with medications and pills, instead of identifying and addressing the cause.

There is more to health and wellness than the food we eat.  Nutrition is important.  But true wellness comes from things like exercise, relationships, spirituality and career.  Its all connected.  Have a bad day at work, go for a drink.  Fight with a partner, don't sleep well.  All the broccoli and quinoa in the world doesn't mean much if the if other elements are out of balance.

Have you considered…

…Your sugar cravings are impacted by your sleep? 

…Your acid reflux or indigestion are connected to your chewing?

…Your joint pain or skin issues could be cleared up through nutrition?

...Your afternoon fatigue is connected to your morning routine?

…You're not losing weight because your stress is throwing your hormones out of whack? Or, you're not eating enough?

…If you gave yourself permission to enjoy the foods you love, anytime, anywhere, you wouldn't boomerang from binging on cake to swearing it off, to binging to swearing it off, to binging, to just plain swearing...at yourself.  You might simply have it when you want it, enjoy it, and move on with life.

Sorting through this takes exploration, experimentation, and the willingness to change.  That's where I come in.  I help translate what your body is saying into actionable steps you can chose to take, or not, to address the causes behind the information your body is sending you.

Connect with me for a chat.  We might just uncover something you haven't considered.  

And consider what that could lead to....


Leanne can best be reached through email at: leanne@brewyouwellness.com

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