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Massage Therapy

**Intro offer! 60 Minute CBD infused massage for $60 (Normally $100) Limited Availability**

We are elated to offer our patients massage therapy in-office at MCWC!

Rachel, our professional massage therapist, is well-learned in her craft and expert in her approach. She provides swedish, deep tissue, pre-natal, injury specific recovery, and CBD infused massages. Also in her repertoire, concussion therapy protocols to help patients deal with trauma from those nasty head injuries that tend to linger over our lifetimes. 

Massage therapy is...

... “an art that attends to our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being”-unknown

I am passionate about massage therapy, helping people to heal, and getting them back to living their lives. - Rachel

Experience what relaxation feels like in real time!

Call us today at (303) 221-1714 to reduce the stress in your life and feel better than ever!

Massage Hours:

Monday: 12-5 pm

Wednesday: 9-5 pm

Friday: 9-1 pm