Brew You Wellness!

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You're tired

  • of rules created by other people,

  • of the overwhelming amount of conflicting nutrition and fitness information,

  • from the non stop cycle of short term results that never last before you try the next thing.

Whether you're looking for more energy, clearer skin, less bloating, less joint pain, or to lose some weight, you've tried it all.  You're done with stressing about food and just want to feel good about your food choices.

Yet, have you ever taken the time to focus on what you want wellness to feel like?  How you want to move, how you want to eat, what really makes you feel balanced and fulfilled?  Have you talked with someone who can focus on you, your unique needs and help guide you?  

You and Leanne will work together to...

  • Brew your unique definition of wellness and what it looks and feels like

  • Identify the ingredients that create your wellness recipe

  • Understand your relationship with food

  • Get real about the why's behind your habits and behaviors

  • Address the cause of {insert issue here} instead of continuing to treat the symptoms


Leanne's Approach

Leanne believes being well is about enjoying the things you truly love and she guides her clients to incorporate what works for their unique bodies and lifestyles.  She inspires them to create a life where they have the confidence to allow themselves to enjoy the things they really love and feel good about their choices.

She awakens people to new possibilities, empowers them to create their own new normal, and inspires them to align their goals with their behaviors.  She has a passion for providing a true invitation for people to reframe their understanding of wellness and bring in a sense of play, adventure and wonder

In her experience, being healthy doesn’t have to be restrictive. It can be an adventure, an opportunity to explore lifestyle shifts, incorporating everything you enjoy, from sweets to alcohol, while getting real about the roles they play in your life.

Let's not pretend that enjoying wine, ice cream or whatever your indulgence, isn't a part of life. It's the mentality that we can't or we shouldn't have those things that causes so much of the internal turmoil around health. 

Her method shows you how being healthy can actually be an adventure in new discoveries.  This is where you master your unique recipe for wellness. Where you quit following other peoples rules and start living your life. Where you discover that “feeling good” is the best decision you ever made.

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